Listen to our inspiring and thought provoking podcasts. Paulie interviews friends and colleagues about their perspectives on the world.


Each vignette is designed to capture thoughts about a situation and how to reframe the pattern to create a new outcome.

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Living Through Possibilities

Possibility Party!

What is a Possibility Party? It's a one-of-a-kind experience. At each event, we talk about whatever the attendees want to discuss. At each event, participants make new friends, gain new information and insights, and even start their own transformational journey. Listen in on a recent mini-party and then consider taking a chance on yourself. Imagine the possibilities!

Violet Flame Meditation

People everywhere are starting to let go of limiting beliefs and old rules that are holding them back from really living their lives fully. Are old ideas or the conditions from others preventing you from living your life? Have you found that you are overly sensetive to how others feel or what others are going through...to the point that it makes you feel bad? Listen to this meditation and feel the weight of the world release. Imagine the possibilities.

Coming Clean

What is your worst fear? What if this fear is holding you back from living the life you always imagined? What would happen if you continue to live in fear and never follow your dreams? What if you shared your biggest fear with the world so you no longer have it to hide behind? Those are the thoughts that kept me awake last weekend... So I decided to reveal my fears, uncover the root of the problem, shift my perspective and let go so I can live my life fully. Perhaps my process will help you. Imagine the possibilities.

Surviving Middle School

Raging hormones. Fitting in. Mean girls. Tons of homework. Middle school challenges are REAL…and what happens in our early years set the stage for our lives. Teaching our kids to cope with everyday circumstances will teach them to survive in the real world. Listen to the options and imagine the possibilities.

What is your RAS attracting?

Your thoughts become things: what you focus on is what comes into your life. What you resist persists, because you are focused on it. Learn how your mind works and how the energy in the world may help you shift your outcomes so you can actually change your life to become what you really want and let go of what has served its purpose. The possibilities are endless.

Tiffany Joy - Naturalist

Interested in cleaning up your act? Got aches and pains, but hate taking pills? Want a natural way to relax so you can fall asleep more quickly? Tiffany and her family and friends are just like you…so she decided to take control and make a difference in the lives of many. Listen in. Learn more about her journey and the passion she has for helping people live healthy and have fun. Imagine the possibilities.

Speaking Your Truth

This fun-loving interview Chris did with Paulie reveals that it is ok to have fun and be silly while still addressing life’s challenges and getting real. It’s an introduction to how Paulie works with her clients and a bit about herself. You can only help others to the point you are willing to help yourself. Imagine the possibilities.


Possibility Producers on Fear

What are you afraid of? Failure? Not being good enough? Success? Paulie and Chris talk about an all too common theme: the fear of doing what you want and actually being successful. Face the fear and take control of your life. Imagine the possibilities.

Annalicia: YogaAndPilatesOnline.com

Meet my friend Annalicia, an online fitness guru who believes in listening to how you feel, loving yourself, and getting the results you want to achieve a healthy state so you can live your life to the fullest. Annalicia supports people around the world…let her help you too. Listen. Sign up for her FREE 21-day challenge. Imagine the possibilities.


Connie Jordan: Comedium

My friend Connie and her hubby Martin are an amazing duo. Joined by their son Andrew, they help people around the world through their music, comedy act, books and more. They know that people want to be entertained…and may even begin to heal along the way. Listen. Sign up for a Soul Plan reading (receive a special price). Imagine the possibilities.


Betsy Kent: Be Visible, Blogging Tips

Social media guru, Betsy Kent shares insights on how to use social media to your benefit…and use your blog to grow your business. She gives you the basics and helps you understand how to get started. Keep it fresh. Keep it fun. Be visible. Listen. Sign up for a FREE Blog Strategy Session. Imagine the possibilities.