Listen to our inspiring and thought provoking podcasts. Paulie interviews friends and colleagues about their perspectives on the world.


Each vignette is designed to capture thoughts about a situation and how to reframe the pattern to create a new outcome.

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This class really reiterated the point of how using the correct thought patterns can give your life such a different perspective, thereby creating your own reality. How we need to push the “no nots” out of our lives and what you think is what will happen; why sabotage yourself right from the get go?! A huge one for me was liberating myself from the past. That has been a very long journey, and will continue on for some time, but I am so eternally thankful you have been there along the way, like no one else was!! I have seen so many wonderful changes, opportunities and blessings come my way since I started this journey that I know I am on the right path! Along with aligning my intentions... so many positive people have been brought into my life, I now have a hobby (my beautiful rock collecting) and cannot remember being so peaceful and happy. Thinking BIG is so exciting; my shows have been amazing, I attract new clients and customers almost daily, finding my ideal clients has been fun, and of course, I absolutely love what I do!  Thank you for being the integral pivot point in helping me achieve so much clarity, peace and happiness in my life!! Work with Paulie and Chris has been a definite life changer!

Christi Higgins

Tina’s Timeless Treasures

[Accelerated Business Clarity participant]


This class provided a ton of personal and business growth opportunities. I choose to hone in on a couple of topics that struck me as great areas to focus and grow immediately. I have saved all of the recordings with the intention of revisiting them to continue to grow and evolve even more over time. During the class,there was so much good conversation from everyone; the participants offer many different perceptions (through class dialogue) and this gave me the opportunities to look at myself and business to determine what and where I can take control for the better.

Sonny Kester

Sonny Kester Agency, American Family Insurance

[Accelerated Business Clarity participant]


Paulie and Chris run a great program of meet, greet and share networking for those seeking either employment or making business contacts. I attended one of their sessions and found it organized and well managed. The contacts are as good as you make them and the food was great! Take time, make new business contacts and you will come away with new orders, new resources and if you are in the job search new contacts that can increase your chances for that next great job!

Paul Ries


I so appreciate your time helping me get clear on the possibilities. So many interweaving complexities between my personal and business life sometimes leave me feeling jammed up and stuck. You cleared away the heaviness of it all and I immediately felt lighter. Clearer. I’m breaking open the sides of the box and we’ll see what emerges. In the meantime, my calendar is filling with ideal client conversations and I’m confident this business will soar just the way I dream it will.

Debra Boulanger CHC

Live a Whole Life


I started working with Paulie a few months ago. Although I was familiar with a lot of the principles and philosophies (for lack of a better term) that Paulie uses with her clients, I also knew that I had gotten to a point (at the time) where I was stuck. I knew I would not be able to get un-stuck without help. After just a few weeks of working with her my life changed drastically for the better. I am happier and feeling more content and blissful about my life than I have been in 10 years. I am now constantly attracting things I desire into my existence without effort. If you are stuck, or just want to take things to the next level, I highly recommend working with Paulie.

Christian Spalding

Mr Fit & Funny, stand up comic, voice-over artist, actor, singer


Paulie Skaja you are amazing!!! I have spent many years and a whole lot of money trying to accomplish what we did in a few short hours. You were able to help me see the gift that I am and the gift that I am bringing to the world. Finally having a way to communicate my skills and offerings is beyond measure. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for your love and support and your belief in me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Lauren Cohen

Your Evolution Revolution, Emotional Connection Coach


I worked with Paulie for 3 months and am so thankful for our time together. I was experiencing difficulties in my personal and professional life and felt so overwhelmed I couldn’t even see what my first steps toward regaining control of my life needed to be. Paulie helped me begin that journey. Since our time together, I’ve had significant changes in my life. They’ve been challenging, but the skills Paulie helped me develop have helped me confidently pursue happiness.

Amy Jauman

Remotely Smart


If it hadn’t been for Paulie supporting and guiding me through this journey, I would still have problems setting boundaries, be experiencing low self esteem and lack of confidence, and have problems dealing with negative/difficult people. She helped me end unwanted habits, set boundaries and learn to shift my energy, which allowed me to release old patterns and replace them with the results I wanted. I can’t even begin to tell you how much my life has changed since Paulie helped me through the hardest part of all. Now, I am absolutely in love with life and there isn’t anything getting in my way… watch out world!! Paulie is nonjudgmental, supportive and caring and helped me find the answers to my own journey. Thank you, Paulie, for helping me find that place in life that is filled with happiness, love, and positive energy. Hugs to you and thank you so very much for helping me get ME back!

Jodi Anderson

Certified Capital Inc.